What is the BSE?

The Benson Songwriter Exchange, "Omaha's Songwriter Support Group" was founded  in 2014 by Brad Hoshaw, an Omaha singer-songwriter. The mission of the BSE is to build a strong and healthy community of songwriters and provide the necessary resources to help them grow and achieve their goals.

Inspired by Brad's annual songwriting retreats in Wisconsin, he wanted to provide a safe environment for Omaha area songwriters to experiment with new methods and ideas.  Through group discussion, song critiques and writing exercises, attendees learn usable skills for improving their songs and breaking through creative barriers. 

The BSE also provides songwriters with a pool of collaborators to choose from and trusted sources for song feedback and business advice. Regular BSE events include year-round bi-weekly meetings, a Winter performance showcase, a Spring compilation release and songwriting retreats in Spring and late Summer. The BSE is looking to expand the resources it offers in 2017, to include workshops, more performance showcases and educational publications.

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