• Who is the BSE for? Anyone interested in songwriting, from professional songwriters to those who are hoping to write their first song.
  • How much does a membership cost? $50 per year
  • What do I get with a membership? Inclusion on the next compilation, invitations to perform at the BSE showcases and retreats
  • What is expected of me as a member? Regular participation in the group activities and a supportive attitude towards the other members.
  • How do I submit my membership dues? You can pay by cash, check or paypal. You will receive a paper receipt at the next meeting you attend.
  • What can I expect at the BSE meetings? At least one group writing exercise, song sharing and constructive feedback, discussion of writing process and songwriting theory, and plenty of laughs.
1 Year BSE Membership
  • 1 Year BSE Membership
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By becoming a "Premium" member you will be included on our next compilation and will receive free admission to all official BSE showcases and a 10% discount at Almost Music.

The membership fees go to maintaining the website, producing the compilation and buying supplies for our meetings.

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